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From Sandhya Sundaresan <>
Subject RE: Trafodion master rh6 Daily Test Result - 73 - Still Failing
Date Thu, 11 May 2017 14:50:14 GMT
Hi All,

 The hive failures over the past couple of days are due to a test setup issue. I have a made
a couple of adjustments to the scripts and so has Steve but they are still failing the same
way. Rerunning on the VM seems to work just fine. So it's not clear since there isn't much
in the log. All the tables that get created as part of TEST003 re used in the  later tests
and that's why those fail too. Still need to figure that one root cause.

Executor/TEST130 has been failing consistently for the past 5 builds. Prashanth and Sean have
taken a look and see a connection loss to region server.   This needs to be looked into .


-----Original Message-----
From: [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017 6:33 AM
Subject: Trafodion master rh6 Daily Test Result - 73 - Still Failing

Daily Automated Testing master rh6

Jenkins Job:
Archived Logs:
Bld Downloads:

Changes since previous daily build:
[selvaganesang] [TRAFODION-2420] RMS enhancements

[selvaganesang] [TRAFODION-2420] RMS enhancements

[sandhya] Add -p option so parent directories get created if they don't exist

Test Job Results:

FAILURE core-regress-executor-cdh (2 hr 40 min) FAILURE core-regress-executor-hdp (2 hr 40
min) FAILURE core-regress-hive-cdh (1 hr 10 min) FAILURE core-regress-hive-hdp (1 hr 14 min)
SUCCESS build-rh6-master-debug (41 min) SUCCESS build-rh6-master-release (46 min) SUCCESS
core-regress-charsets-cdh (43 min) SUCCESS core-regress-charsets-hdp (48 min) SUCCESS core-regress-compGeneral-cdh
(47 min) SUCCESS core-regress-compGeneral-hdp (1 hr 8 min) SUCCESS core-regress-core-cdh (1
hr 12 min) SUCCESS core-regress-core-hdp (1 hr 26 min) SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-cdh
(23 min) SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-hdp (14 min) SUCCESS core-regress-privs1-cdh (54
min) SUCCESS core-regress-privs1-hdp (1 hr 3 min) SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-cdh (1 hr 16
min) SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-hdp (1 hr 16 min) SUCCESS core-regress-qat-cdh (17 min) SUCCESS
core-regress-qat-hdp (28 min) SUCCESS core-regress-seabase-cdh (1 hr 32 min) SUCCESS core-regress-seabase-hdp
(2 hr 0 min) SUCCESS core-regress-udr-cdh (41 min) SUCCESS core-regress-udr-hdp (50 min) SUCCESS
jdbc_test-cdh (32 min) SUCCESS jdbc_test-hdp (50 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T2-cdh (1 hr 0
min) SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T2-hdp (1 hr 22 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T4-cdh (1 hr 10 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T4-hdp (1 hr 23 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T2-cdh (59 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T2-hdp
(1 hr 31 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-cdh (1 hr 12 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-hdp (1 hr
29 min) SUCCESS pyodbc_test-cdh (10 min) SUCCESS pyodbc_test-hdp (30 min)

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