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Subject Trafodion master rh6 Daily Test Result - 94 - Successful
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2017 12:58:27 GMT
Daily Automated Testing master rh6

Jenkins Job:
Archived Logs:
Bld Downloads:

Changes since previous daily build:
[gonzalo.correa] Temporary deletion on shared repo.

[] remove extraneous from

[] refactor lobstart - phase I.

[] Qualify percomstart.

[] obsolete.

[] remove obsolete.

[] remove obsolete parts of sqstart.

[] refactor gomon.cold.

[gonzalo.correa] Removed 'cluster.conf', added node conf in SQLite

[] remove cluster.conf.

[] Add persistent process processing.

[] Remove trailing spaces from keys.

[] Update parser for errors.

[] Error handling.

[] Add node Added/Deleted.

[] rework MsgType/ReqType/ReplyType.

[] Fix permissions.

[] Fix permissions.

[gonzalo.correa] Preliminary CClusterConfig changes

[gonzalo.correa] Added process info pattern

[gonzalo.correa] Code cleanup and process info pattern enabled

[] pstartd rework for new db.

[] Fix TSID singleton. Use simple nid suffix instead of 3-digit nid suffix.

[] Allow seabed tests to use own DB.

[] add sqregen/

[] Fix permissions.

[] Allow mapping nodes.

[] Update readme.

[] nfs script.

[] Allow -cluster.

[] Add gdb directory.

[gonzalo.correa] Added 'persist config/exec/info' commands.

[gonzalo.correa] Merge conflix fix.

[gonzalo.correa] Monitor unit test fixes.

[gonzalo.correa] More fixes to shell.

[gonzalo.correa] More fixes to CClusterConfig

[gonzalo.correa] Trafodion Elasticity changes.

[gonzalo.correa] Elasticity changes missing files

[gonzalo.correa] Updated copyright.

[gonzalo.correa] Deleted unwanted characters.

[gonzalo.correa] Added missing sample configuration file.

[gonzalo.correa] Removed script file.

[Zalo Correa] Elasticity merge fixes.

[Zalo Correa] Reconciled persistent process configuration changes with the instance

[Zalo Correa] Fixed inconsistent node name sizes and use of size definitions.

[Zalo Correa] Added 'persist kill' command and updated scripts to use it

[Zalo Correa] General code cleanup and bug fixes in preparation for node add/delete

[Zalo Correa] Added 'NodeChanged' system message when monitor shell 'node change'

[amanda] Changes to sqconfig

[amanda] Copyright error

[amanda] Changing max cores

[amanda] Permissions

[Zalo Correa] Changed persist process management to use persist template. Changed

[Zalo Correa] Added 'trafconf' program display configuration database values. The

[amanda] Changes for elasticity

[amanda] MY_NODES IS BACK!

[amanda] Merge issues :p

[amanda] One more

[amanda] Additions to addNode_step2 and deleteNode script

[Zalo Correa] Fixes to persist process management

[Zalo Correa] Code clean up

[Zalo Correa] Commented out HBase version check temporarily.

[amanda] Fixing checkHbaseVersion error

[amanda] sqgen changes

[amanda] MY_NODES and NEW_NODES will use hostname

[amanda] HA support

[Zalo Correa] Fixes to node up, persist info, etc.

[Zalo Correa] Uncommented creation of process registry tables.

[amanda] addNode_step1 can be run more than once now

[Zalo Correa] Fix to sqlci abort on added node.

[amanda] Mantis 657

[Zalo Correa] Removed copy of 'sqconfig.db' at end of addNode_step2 script.

[Zalo Correa] Re-enabled sqconfig persist section generation.

[Zalo Correa] Rebase fix - removed dormant code

[Zalo Correa] Trafodion configuration API changes

[Zalo Correa] Trafodion configuration API changes - new library files

[Zalo Correa] More changes from MY_SQROOT to TRAF_HOME.

[Zalo Correa] Added persist node section to Python installer scripts.

[Zalo Correa] Fix to Python installer scripts.

[Zalo Correa] Fix to default bashrc file to setup node membership of MY_NODES env var.

[Zalo Correa] Restored nodeAdd scripts to support new node add logic. Fixed 'shell

[Zalo Correa] Fixed persistent process restart on node up. Fixed rmscheck, missing

[Zalo Correa] Fix to SQL regression core (test116) and other fixes.

[Zalo Correa] Fixes addressing multiple failure in SQL Regressions (core 116).

[hzeller] [TRAFODION-2616] Nested join regression after fix for TRAFODION-2569

[hzeller] [TRAFODION-2625] Memory "leak" for large TMUDFs

Test Job Results:

SUCCESS build-rh6-master-debug (34 min)
SUCCESS build-rh6-master-release (37 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-charsets-cdh (35 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-charsets-hdp (46 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-compGeneral-cdh (57 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-compGeneral-hdp (1 hr 5 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-core-cdh (1 hr 7 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-core-hdp (1 hr 23 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-executor-cdh (1 hr 35 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-executor-hdp (2 hr 11 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-cdh (14 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-hdp (14 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-hive-cdh (51 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-hive-hdp (1 hr 5 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs1-cdh (57 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs1-hdp (1 hr 21 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-cdh (1 hr 4 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-hdp (1 hr 26 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-qat-cdh (37 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-qat-hdp (25 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-seabase-cdh (1 hr 48 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-seabase-hdp (2 hr 12 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-udr-cdh (47 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-udr-hdp (36 min)
SUCCESS jdbc_test-cdh (42 min)
SUCCESS jdbc_test-hdp (53 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T2-cdh (1 hr 14 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T2-hdp (1 hr 27 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T4-cdh (1 hr 12 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T4-hdp (1 hr 22 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T2-cdh (1 hr 13 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T2-hdp (1 hr 21 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-cdh (1 hr 12 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-hdp (1 hr 21 min)
SUCCESS pyodbc_test-cdh (11 min)
SUCCESS pyodbc_test-hdp (24 min)

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