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From Eric Owhadi <>
Subject RE: usage scenarios of trafodion
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2017 14:13:02 GMT
Hi Gong,
Trafodion is an MPP Database: Massively Parallel Processing Database. While Oracle and mySql
are not.
The main difference in about scalability with data volume or transaction per seconds. With
non MPP database, you will see exponential increase in cost of scaling and reach a point where
even if you had unlimited money you won't have a solution to scale your database with your
business success. With MPP database, you will see linear cost of scaling (just add servers
to your cluster) and virtually no limit. 

Some use cases like IoT (Internet of Things), are not even tried on traditional db like Oracle
or MySQL. Before Trafodion existed, the only way to deal with IoT would have been to go with
one of the NoSQL alternative (like HBase or Cassandra), losing the power of SQL like transaction
(full ACID), indexes, joins, group by, aggregates to name a few, as well as the capability
to leverage a workforce trained to use SQL, a query language developed in the mid 70s!. When
using NoSQL alternatives, human resources are a lot more expensive (classified as Big Data
experts), and the business outcome they will provide will be an order of magnitude lower,
given the lack of support of key features I listed above, that would have to be "manually"
implemented, should you need any of these on a NoSQL db.

Hope this makes sense,
Eric Owhadi

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From: Gong Pengju [] 
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2017 4:52 AM
Subject: usage scenarios of trafodion

Hi all:
Those days I set up a trafodion env, it’s a single node env. And I find it’s very likely
to mysql and oracle. So I’d like to know what is the difference in supporting usage scenarios
compared with Oracle, mySql, and other mainstream databases?

Best Regards!

Gong Pengju
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