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Subject Trafodion master rh6 Daily Test Result - 413 - Failure
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2018 12:31:18 GMT
Daily Automated Testing master rh6

Jenkins Job:
Archived Logs:
Bld Downloads:

Changes since previous daily build:
[yu.liu] cherry-pick altercolumn

[yu.liu] Capitalize XML

[yu.liu] cherry pick add alter column 2

[yu.liu] cherry-pick Load XML Files

[sandhya] Changes to take care of closing internal cursor statement when extract

[sandhya] Expected file change to show result of unload.

[sandhya] Main change:

[sandhya] Changes to handle errors during drop of lob tables that leave the table

[weiqing.xu] [TRAFODION-2704]close unused statment in JDBC regression

[weiqing.xu] [TRAFODION-2740]JDBC extract LOB context in chunks

[weiqing.xu] [TRAFODION-2740]remove unused code

[weiqing.xu] [TRAFODION-2740]add property to set the LOB chunk size

[weiqing.xu] [TRAFODION-2704]reslove the random schema not exist issue

[weiqing.xu] [TRAFODION-2753]LOB: filetolob() no longer works in trafci

[Steve Varnau] [TRAFODION-2857] Web-site changes to remove incubating status

[Steve Varnau] [TRAFODION-2857] Adding repo and email address name changes.

[Steve Varnau] [TRAFODION-2861][TRAFODION-2869] Remove incubating from release

[hfutmkby] pyinstaller fix - kerberos related issues while executing hdfs commands

[ovis_poly] [TRAFODION-2942] license year should be updated

[venkat.muthuswamy] Enable LDAP authentication flag at install time

Test Job Results:

FAILURE core-regress-hive-cdh (48 min)
SUCCESS build-rh6-master-debug (32 min)
SUCCESS build-rh6-master-release (37 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-charsets-cdh (43 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-charsets-hdp (1 hr 0 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-compGeneral-cdh (1 hr 4 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-compGeneral-hdp (1 hr 13 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-core-cdh (59 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-core-hdp (1 hr 26 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-executor-cdh (1 hr 26 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-executor-hdp (1 hr 53 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-cdh (14 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-hdp (20 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-hive-hdp (1 hr 10 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs1-cdh (45 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs1-hdp (51 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-cdh (1 hr 3 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-hdp (1 hr 10 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-qat-cdh (27 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-qat-hdp (22 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-seabase-cdh (1 hr 29 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-seabase-hdp (2 hr 11 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-udr-cdh (33 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-udr-hdp (42 min)
SUCCESS jdbc_test-cdh (38 min)
SUCCESS jdbc_test-hdp (54 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T2-cdh (1 hr 8 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T2-hdp (1 hr 36 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T4-cdh (1 hr 13 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T4-hdp (1 hr 19 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T2-cdh (1 hr 7 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T2-hdp (1 hr 25 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-cdh (1 hr 8 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-hdp (1 hr 29 min)
SUCCESS pyodbc_test-cdh (10 min)
SUCCESS pyodbc_test-hdp (15 min)

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