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From "" <>
Subject select statement in the alias for the key word error
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2016 08:38:03 GMT
‘OID’ is a keyword in Trafodion, so it will cause errors like this:
>>select a1 as oid, c1 from t116t3;
*** ERROR[3128] OID is a reserved word.  It must be delimited by double-quotes to be used
as an identifier.
So I have a few questions:
1. Is there a special way we can use oid without double quote it?, we need it as an alias
of a column? Current application use this heavily, it will be a big effort to change all OID
into “OID”.
2. If answer of 1 is ‘No way’, then is it possible to not define OID as a keyword? We
don’t see anywhere OID is used, maybe this is a latency keyword which Trafodion can get
rid of?
3. More generally, Is it possible to allow some keyword if one can tell from context of its
real meaning? Following query can be running in Oracle, for example , ‘count’ is keyword
in Oracle as well:
       SELECT count(*) count FROM A_TBL T WHERE T.col1='foo’;
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