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From Carol Pearson <>
Subject Trafodion Release 2.0 Documentation
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2016 01:22:33 GMT
Hi Trafodion fans,

Steve has created our 2.0 release branch, so Trafodion 2.0 is in sight.
Gunnar has done a great job getting our 1.3 documentation together (both
manuals and web pages).  Now we have some incredibly rich documentation,
and  it's up to us to keep it up to date with our current release.

If anyone has updates to the Trafodion SQL Reference Manual, Installation
Guide or other guides based on changes you've made to Trafodion 2.0, please
make those changes now on the 2.0 branch.  If you can't document your
changes in the official guides/manuals, I think that we'll need to come up
with a way to document things like new syntax, considerations, installation
factors, etc. Thoughts on how to do this?

A feature isn't usable if no one knows it's there or how to use it
[*smile*].  There's a lot of work been done for Trafodion 2.0, and the
documentation is where we tell our users what cool stuff we're adding to

If there's someone out there looking for a way to contribute to an open
source project but is more inclined toward writing or web pages, speak up,
as I think folks here would love to have help!

-Carol P.
Twitter:  @CarolP222

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