one can also use traf metadata tables view to get this info.

  select row_data_length, row_total_length from "_MD_".tables_view where schema_name = 'your-sch' and table_name = 'your-tab';

row_data_length: length of row for the data part of table. This is the sum of lengths of all columns in the table plus 1 byte per nullable col.

row_total_length: in addition to row_data_length, this includes hbase overhead for each stored hbase cell/column and

                    includes key length, timestamp and column family length.

                    If table is created as an aligned format table, this hbase overhead is minimal as all columns are packed and stored as one cell.


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Hi, Forling,

You can try to search in the system metadata, here is an example

select ROW_TOTAL_LENGTH , ROW_DATA_LENGTH from "_MD_".tables , "_MD_".objects where “_MD_”.objects.OBJECT_UID = “_MD_”.tables.table_uid and objects.OBJECT_NAME='your_table_name’;

and you can check other columns in the “_MD_”.tables to see if there are other info you need.

Others may have better approach, since I heard there are some new defined system dictionary and views. Or maybe some new utility to grab these information. But above query is one method.



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I have a problem about sql command in trafodion .

I want to obtain row length in a table , but I do not understand which command I can use in this case.

I'm looking forward to your reply

Best regards