Please run this command:

sudo su hdfs --command "hadoop fs -ls /user"

Please verify you have the trafodion user id listed there. 



On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 8:08 AM, Selva Govindarajan <> wrote:

Hi Qiao,


The JIRA you mentioned in the message is already fixed and merged to Trafodion on July 20th.  It is unfortunate that this JIRA wasn’t marked as resolved. I have marked it as resolved now. This JIRA deals with the issue of trafodion process aborting when there is an error while logging the error rows. The error rows are logged in hdfs directly.  Most likely the “Trafodion” user has no write permission to the hdfs directory where the error is logged.


You can try “Load with continue on error … “  command instead and check if it works.


Can you also please send the output of the command below to confirm if the version installed has the above fix.


sqvers -u


Can you also issue the following command to confirm if the Trafodion and hbase are started successfully.







From: 乔彦克 []
Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2016 12:20 AM
Subject: Load with log error rows gets Trafodion not work


Hi, all,

   I used load with log error rows to load data from hive, and got the following error:


which leading to hbase-region server crashed.

I restart Hbase region serve and Trafodion, but query in Trafodion has no response, even the simplest query "get tables;"  or " get schemas".

Can someone help me to let Trafodion go normal?, this jira describe the same problem.


Any reply is appreciated.

Thank you



Amanda Moran