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From "Adam Lally" <ala...@alum.rpi.edu>
Subject Re: Jira for minor issues?
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:12:08 GMT
On 11/15/06, Thilo Goetz <twgoetz@gmx.de> wrote:
> I updated our website to fix a broken link without a Jira issue (didn't
> really think about it).  What's everybody's opinion, should we have a
> Jira issue for every SVN change, or do we fix trivial issues without a
> Jira ticket?  I have no strong opinion, I'm used to having to open a
> ticket for absolutely everything.  On the other hand, it does seem like
> a bit of overkill.  Thoughts?

I think for really trivial stuff like this it's OK not to have the
JIRA issue.  But I think this should be done rarely.  Once we have a
user base, I think we'll want to have a JIRA issue for anything a user
might conceivably report as a problem, so that users searching the
JIRA can find that we've already addressed the problem.


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