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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject methodology for updating the web-site for a project
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 21:38:18 GMT
The web-site source for our podling (we're using Anakia) is under /xdocs/. 
It is generated from the xdocs by running an ant script; the generated 
html files go into /docs/.

It seems to me that a good procedure to update the site would be (for 
Anakia based sites):

a) check out or update the /xdocs/ to your local development machine.
b) run the ant build, check the result, etc. 
c) When you're ready to publish, "sftp" the generated files directly to 
www/incubator/<podling> (without checking them into SVN).

This is different from the current practice (see
http://incubator.apache.org/guides/sites.html), which (as I understand 
it) after (b),
commits the generated files in /docs/ back into SVN,  and is followed by 
logging on to the
people.apache.org machine and doing an svn update to pull the freshly 
files in /docs/ up to www/incubator/<podling>.

It seems to me to be a bad practice to put generated files into SVN, 
although I note that SVN
supports binary file compression, for (for instance) PDF files (the 
manual says "Subversion, however, expresses differences between files 
using a binary-differencing algorithm, regardless of whether they 
contain textual or binary data. That means that all files are stored 
differentially (compressed) in the repository."  The alternative of
uploading the generated files directly to people.apache.org using sftp 
seems very straight-forward.

What are the pros/cons of this approach? One thing in favor of checking 
the generated
files into SVN that I can see is that future copying to 
people.apache.org /www/...  can be done without
regenerating, and that others (like mentors, etc.) can more easily 
"revert" to older versions (again,
without regenerating), if necessary. 

Mentors - Is this why checking generated files into SVN is the current 


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