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From Michael Baessler <...@michael-baessler.de>
Subject Re: Writing something about the Sandbox
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 18:31:23 GMT
Marshall Schor wrote:
> Michael Baessler wrote:
>> <snip>
>> Maybe some of these project get also integrated to the core 
>> framework. But I'm not sure if, e.g. annotator components will be 
>> added to the
>> core. I think such analysis components will ever stay in the sandbox 
>> and can be downloaded there. Other opinions?
> I prefer creating "subprojects" of Apache UIMA to hold these, for 
> reasons stated in previous notes.  For instance, how about a 
> subproject called "Apache UIMA Components", holding annotators?  
> (Another subproject might be "corpii" - common test data, etc.)  We 
> could do distributions/releases of these.
So you mean, when a sandbox analysis component is ready to use instead 
of adding it to the core framework we will add it to the "Apache UIMA 
components" project.
That's also fine with me. Though the sandbox in this case is only a 
temporary space and nothing that ever create any binary distributed 
component, right? In that case we also do not
need to add the sandbox to any release since if a sandbox component "is 
ready" we vote and add it to the core framework of to the components 
subproject. That is a kind of redefinition
of the current sandbox.

-- Michael

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