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From Thilo Goetz <twgo...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Glossary Definitions for UIMA, Apache UIMA
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 16:39:04 GMT
Adam Lally wrote:
> Some questions I had on glossary definitions.  Currently we have the
> following definitions in our glossary:
> ---------------------
> UIMA: UIMA is an acronym that stands for Unstructured Information
> Management Architecture; it is a software architecture which
> specifies component interfaces, design patterns and development
> roles for creating, describing, discovering, composing and deploying
> multi-modal analysis capabilities.
> UIMA Java Framework:
> A Java-based implementation of the UIMA architecture. It provides
> a run-time environment in which developers can plug in and run
> their UIMA component implementations and with which they can
> build and deploy UIM applications.
> UIMA Software Development Kit (SDK):
> The SDK includes the framework plus additional components such
> as tooling and examples. Some of the tooling is Eclipse-based
> http://www.eclipse.org/).
> -----------------------
> Should the definition for UIMA refer to the OASIS TC?

If you want to, though I don't think it's necessary in the glossary.

> Should the following two terms be renamed to Apache UIMA Java
> Framework and Apache UIMA SDK?  And should there be a definition for
> "Apache UIMA" without the "SDK" part - in which case what is the
> difference, Apache UIMA is the project, and the SDK is the artifact we
> produce?

I could go either way.  Personally, I would probably leave it as is and 
not prefix the glossary terms with "Apache".  It seems a bit redundant 
and people might not think to look under "A" for a definition of UIMA. 
We could also have both entries and one refer to the other; or is that 
complete overkill?  Sorry, I know I'm not being helpful.  Do whatever 
you think is best.


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