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From Michael Baessler <...@michael-baessler.de>
Subject Re: UIMA pear runtime
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 14:07:06 GMT
Adam Lally wrote:
> On 5/2/07, Michael Baessler <mba@michael-baessler.de> wrote:
>> After doing most of the UIMA pear runtime work... I would like to
>> suggest something else that came to my mind when implementing the pear
>> runtime.
>> Currently we work with a customResourceSpecifier. I would like to change
>> that to a real pearSpecifier.
> OK with me.

OK I implemented the following pearSpecifier resource:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<pearSpecifier xmlns="http://uima.apache.org/resourceSpecifier">

The resourceType is the type of the pear archive we use. So maybe in the 
future we can also work on archived pear files that do not have to be 
installed before.
The pearPath is the path to the installed pear root directory. If we 
decide to work also on archived pear files, this path can also be a 
valid pear archive file path.

Additionally the pearSpecifier can have parameters like
       <parameter name="ParamName" value="ParamValue"/>
but currently I don't see the need for this.

I also added the necessary methods for the ResourceSpecifierFactory and 
for the XMLParser.

Additionally to the new pearSpecifier stuff I added an extra step in the 
pear installation api to automatically create a pearSpecifier when a 
pear file is installed.
So after the installation of a pear file in the main root directory of 
the installed pear there is a descriptor called <componendID>_pear.xml 
that can be used
to easily run the installed pear file unsing CVD or any other UIMA 
tooling. With this, no classpath changes or anything else is necessary 
to run the pear. The created descriptor can also be used to add it to an 
aggregate that should contain the pear.

With these changes I think the pear stuff is more attractive to use than 

Any comments or issues on this? If not I will check in the code to SVN.

-- Michael

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