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From Michael Baessler <...@michael-baessler.de>
Subject Re: UIMA Sandbox component documentation
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 14:31:42 GMT
OK if nobody disagree I will move the current Sandbox documentation 
chapters into the sub projects and remove the build that create one big 
Sandbox documentation.

-- Michael

Michael Baessler wrote:
> With the current UIMA Sandbox documentation setup we create one large 
> documentation that contains all the sandbox components.
> I don't like this setup. If I'm only interested in one Sandbox 
> component I have to build/get the complete Sandbox documentation. If I 
> want to
> package for example an annotator as PEAR and will include the 
> documentation, I have to package the whole Sandbox documentation
> and cannot package just that part that is relevant for the component.
> Given that I worked on some modifications for the Sandbox build. My 
> plan is that each Sandbox component has a folder called "docbook" that
> contains the docbook XML file and the images. Also each project has an 
> own build file that reference a common Sandbox build file 
> (sandbox_build.xml) to build the documentation for the component.
> The SandboxDocs project is still used for all the other files that are 
> necessary for the Sandbox documentation build. and if necessary to 
> build a documentation
> that contains all the Sandbox components. But I think this is not 
> really helpful. Also the SandboxDocs project has a common book info 
> (book_info.xml) file that is used during the component build so that 
> book information and copyright information just have to be created 
> once. The new files in the SandboxDocs project are located at 
> src/docbook/book_info.xml and sandbox_build.xml.
> I updated the RegularExpressionAnnotator project to work with this new 
> setup. It now contains a docbook directory that contains the 
> documentation and a build_documentation.xml file to build it.
> Please take a look and let me know what you think about.
> If we go with that setup some of the SandboxDocs projects files can be 
> deleted.
> -- Michael

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