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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject new testcase for running Pear inside CPE - question on how to package
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 17:29:55 GMT
There will be a new testcase for the CPE to test running Pears inside a
CPE.  The test needs a Pear.  So I made one by setting up another
eclipse project "uimaj-pear-forTesting" which is a pear which does
nothing, but references a JCas cover class.

In the uimaj-cpe project, I added a new resource under
src/test/resources to be where I "installed" the pear, and then I
installed the uimaj-pear-forTesting pear, there.  I changed the two
parts of the install which hard-coded the absolute path, to relative
paths, and tested for Maven builds, - looks like it works fine.

So - my question - I think I should check in the uimaj-pear-forTesting"
project - so we have the source in case we want to alter/improve/fix
this test pear someday.  It's not needed to be built as part of the
maven build.  I'm thinking of just leaving it as a plain Eclipse
project, and checking in the .project and .classpath files - that way,
the "pear packager" tool will work (the project has the "UIMA nature").

Anyone have alternate / better suggestion?

Cheers. -Marshall

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