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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: PearCasPoolTest.testCasPool fails
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 14:44:27 GMT
You may have a point :-).  I see you guessed this was the problem in
another email.  The semicolon treatment is also documented in our
manuals - here's what it says:

When specifying the value of the CLASSPATH environment
variable, use the semicolon ";" as the separator character, regardless
of the target Operating System conventions. This delimiter will be
replaced with the right one for the Operating System during PEAR

So - that would kind of say I need to do the install  :-)

Can you point me to one of your test cases where you do this so I can
learn from the experts :-)  and copy your approach?


Michael Baessler wrote:
> And do you still think this is easier than installing the PEAR file
> before running the test case?
> -- Michael
> Marshall Schor wrote:
>> After fixing 2 more things in the test case, I got it to run.
>> The two things were:  the descriptor at the top level of the installed
>> pear, uimaj-pear-forTesting_pear.xml, had \ which I changed to /.  The
>> second was that the entry in the installed PEAR for setting the
>> CLASSPATH env var ended with a semicolon;  I removed the semicolon. 
>> These changes will need to be back-tested on Windows to make sure
>> nothing broke there :-)
>> I think the semicolon is put there by the pear packager, which ran on
>> Windows; perhaps it was trying to handle the case where there was more
>> than one entry in the class path and hard-coding the Windows class path
>> separator.  This will take a bit more investigation to verify the root
>> issue, and how to fix it.
>> My linux testing environment had become unusable, so I had to spend most
>> of yesterday upgrading it, installing the right version of Eclipse (need
>> one which can do plug-in development in order to build UIMA), getting
>> maven to build UIMA on this platform, etc. etc.  On top of all this, the
>> computer that I use for this is starting to require multiple reboots per
>> day due to hangs - something involved with switching displays when going
>> from docked to undocked...  So that delayed resolution of this...
>> more later. -Marshall

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