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From Michael Baessler <...@michael-baessler.de>
Subject Re: ready to release uimaj-2.2.1-incubating
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 20:31:39 GMT
Thilo Goetz wrote:
> Michael Baessler wrote:
>> Michael Baessler wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> as you may have seen, the vote for uimaj-2.2.1-incubating passed on
>>> the incubator mailing list.
>>> So we can release the uimaj-2.2.1-incubating artifacts.
>>> Marshall, do you have any news about the new release procedure?
>>> Next steps:
>>> - Upload the release artifacts to the maven incubator repository
>>> (Michael)
>>> - Upload the release artifacts to people.apache.org if the stay with
>>> the old release procedure (Michael)
>>> - Upload the eclipse update site artifacts (Marshall can you do this?)
>>> - Update the website with documentation, download, news section (Michael)
>>> Anything else?
>>> -- Michael
>> Just to verify with people that already did this...
>> I upload the release artifacts to the incubator repository by adding
>>  <distributionManagement>
>>    <repository>
>>      <id>staging-repository</id>
>> <url>scpexe://people.apache.org/www/people.apache.org/repo/m2-incubating-repository/</url>
>>    </repository>
>>  </distributionManagement>
>> to the uimaj project POM and then call
>>    mvn -DsignArtifacts=true source:jar deploy
>> right?
>> -- Michael
> You can try that, but I couldn't get it to work last time.  If you
> get it to work, fine.  If not, don't waste a lot of time.  Just deploy
> to a local repository on your disk and copy the resulting artifacts
> manually.
Right, I didn't get it to work automatically, so I deployed the files to 
a local repository and copied them
manually to the incubator repository.
But then an issue comes up, we still want to support the old version 
(uimaj-2.2.0-incubating) that is available in the incubator  repository, 
so the maven-metadata.xml file was not correct. It should look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><metadata>

I updated the files manually so that available UIMA builds still work. 
But this isn't a way we should go in the future.
We have to figure out, how to do this automatically. Another issue is 
the MD5 and SHA1 checksum file for maven-metadata.xml,
these also have to be recreated after the files have been changed. I 
also did this and update the files accordingly.

I verified the uploaded release artifacts successfully. Can please 
anybody else do this.

Thanks Michael

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