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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Where to put large generated things for our website to access
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 01:46:50 GMT
Here are some examples of large files (or large collections of files

The api java docs;
The api java docs as a zip file
The 4 books in html format

It seems good to put them in people.a.o/www/incubator.a.o/uima/downloads.

It seems bad to put them in SVN (because there's no need for
"versioning" these - they're generated, and they are big, taking up SVN

Our current strategy is hybrid:

1) for current release only: api java docs and the api java docs.zip
file are put in people.a.o/www/incubator.a.o/uima/downloads, and are
*not* kept in SVN.
2) for current release only: the 4 books in html format are put in SVN
and copied to people.a.o/www/incubator.a.o/uima/downloads with the svn
update command.

I see, in fact that for release 2.2.0, we managed to put the books in
html format into SVN twice - once under
 2.2.0-incubating/docs/html, and once under
and of course, on the website, it shows up twice also...  not good.

Is there any automated process for getting the files installed on
people.a.o/www/incubator.a.o/uima/downloads?  (Has anyone done any
scripts for this)?

Does everyone agree that it's best to keep these out of SVN, and to put
them in the web server spot on people.a.o/www/incubator.a.o/uima/downloads?


The mirrored distribution spot contains, in addition to /binaries and
/source, a /docs directory with the the following:
<release>/apiDocs.zip , plus the 3 "signing" files [asc, md5, sha1]
<release>/api /....     <-- unzipped set of javaDoc html files, no
signing files
<release>/html/.....   <-- set of 4 books as html files, no signing files
<release>/pdf/.....    <-- set of 4 books as pdfs, no signing files

I think everything that's put onto the mirroring system is supposed to
be signed, because Apache doesn't "control" what goes on at the mirrors
(e.g., they could be "hacked").

Currently, our download page is slient about the existance of these.

I think we should delete these on the mirroring distribution system. 
Assuming we followed the top part of this note, we would have everything
(except the pdf form of the 4 books) on the UIMA website, directly (not
going thru a mirror).

Other opinions?


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