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From Michael Baessler <mbaess...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Cas Editor build script
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 14:53:22 GMT
Jörn Kottmann wrote:
>> I committed some changes for the CasEditor build, please review and
>> check if still all works fine.
> Ok, cool, I just reviewed it.
> Every time the caseditor.product file is changed with the product editor
> the
> Apache License Header ist gone. I already added it again.

:-) thanks!

> You changed the build.xml file to copy the org.apache.uima.runtime from
> ${eclipseLocation}/plugins instead from the uimaj-ep-runtime project.
> This change does not help, because the build already
> looks at ${eclipseLocation}/plugins which are necessary for the build.
> The build will work without copying it. Here is the story behind it.
> The question a while ago was how we can handle the dependence
> on the runtime plugin. My first solution to this was that we just copy it
> over from the uimaj-ep-runtime project. But this does not worked for
> tagging the release and  building the Cas Editor from the source package.
> Then I extended the build script to not necessarily copy the runtime
> plugin from the uimaj-ep-runtime project, but if it exists. The build
> then works only
> if the runtime is only located at ${eclipseLocation}/plugins. If both ways
> of getting the runtime plugin fail the build is halted and an error
> message is printed to the console.
> Do you think now we should only get the runtime plugin
> from ${eclipseLocation}/plugins ?
I think so. Getting it from uimaj-ep-runtime project can't work for extracting the
CasEditor for a tagged release. If the copying from ${eclipseLocation}/plugins
isn't necessary we can remove this step. Agreed?

> All other changes you made are good.
>> I recognized that the caseditor.jar does not have the correct files in
>> META-INF directory and the
>> Manifest.mf of the jar is also pretty empty. But I was not able to
>> figure out how the build works
>> that create this jar. Seems that all is done inside the AntRunner
>> call. Is it possible to manipulate
>> that? Can you please explain how this works?
> Yes, the AntRunner call starts the eclipse product build script. The build
> process is configured in the build-files/build.properties file. This
> build script is provided by
> eclipse and it is like a black box. We feed it with everything it needs and
> then the build properly build Cas Editor comes out. If the build fails
> it is sometimes hard
> to diagnose the problem.
> Why is the manifest.mf in the jar important ?
> The caseditor.jar which comes out is only a part of the caseditor
> plugin, the plugin in
> uses a different manfifest.mf in the META-INF folder.
> Do you think it is better to package the caseditor plugin as jar, as it
> was done
> for the runtime plugin ?

For all jars we ship, we have to set the correct manifest. So maybe it will be easier to package
CasEditor plugin as jar and add to this jar the correct manifest - seems to be easier right
But this is just my point of view. Maybe there is no issue with such jars inside eclipse plugins.

-- Michael

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