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From Thilo Goetz <twgo...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Lucas - Lucene CAS Indexer release
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2009 12:52:46 GMT
Rico Landefeld wrote:
> Dear UIMA Developers ans Users,
> The JULIE Lab is happy to announce the release of Lucas 0.5 - a UIMA CAS
> consumer component which writes CAS data into a Lucene index.
> At the heart for the user is a flexible XML-based "mapping configuration
> file" in which the user can determine which UIMA annotations should be
> put into which Lucene field, and how this field is set up (e.g.
> indexed and/or stored). In addition, some basic functionality for
> (ontolgical) hypernym indexing is provided.
> Additionally, Lucas is able to perform offset-based token stream
> alignment and merging of UIMA annotations (via token position increment)
> in the same Lucene field (e.g. "documenttext" or "title").
> Lucas, along with the documentation, sources and a sample mapping
> file, is available at:
> https://www.coling.uni-jena.de/sites/lucas
> Since this is a project which tries to bridge two Apache projects (UIMA
> and Lucene), we would like to submit it to
> the UIMA Sandbox, in order to solicit further development by the UIMA
> community.
> What steps do we have to take in order to start this process? As far as
> we know, the sandbox candidate has to undergo
> a voting process on uima-dev list.

Hi guys,

I took a look at Lucas over the weekend, sorry it took so
long.  I think this is a very well thought out piece of
work.  It's nicely configurable, and works well with UIMA
infrastructure.  It has a couple of external dependencies,
but they're all Apache licensed.  We have had many requests
for a UIMA/Lucene integration, and this would fit the bill.

Rico and Joachim, before we can proceed further, you should
do the following:

- Open a Jira issue called "Contribution of Lucene CAS Indexer"
or something like that.

- Attach a zip or tgz archive with your source code to the
issue.  We would then start a vote to accept this contribution.

If the UIMA devs decide to accept your contribution, we'll need
a software grant for it: http://www.apache.org/licenses/#grants


> Please test the component and report any bugs or suggestions for
> improvement back to us.
> Best regards,
> Rico Landefeld
> Joachim Wermter

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