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From Michael Tanenblatt <sloth...@park-slope.net>
Subject Changes to ConceptMapper
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 15:30:18 GMT
It is not clear how many people are using ConceptMapper at this point,  
since it hasn't been officially released yet, but in working with some  
projects that are currently using it, we have found some  
inefficiencies that we'd like to correct. Unfortunately, some of the  
proposed modifications will cause changes to the public interfaces  
(method parameters, returned objects). If we are going to fix these  
problems, we can either just go forward and do it, breaking any code  
that might depend on the current public interfaces, or we could  
preserve ConceptMapper and create a separate new system, a  
ConceptMapper2 with the changes. If ConceptMapper is currently only  
used as a UIMA annotator and changes to the public interfaces will not  
cause anyone problems, I'd personally prefer to just make the changes  
to ConceptMapper and not have a new, second version, particularly as  
it hasn't even been *released* yet. On the other hand, I wouldn't want  
to go breaking anyone's currently working systems.

So, are there any comments from anyone currently using ConceptMapper?


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