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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: maven build problem
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:20:06 GMT

> I was hoping to work a bit on some of our UI tools, but
> 2 weeks passed before I even had a build where I could
> run our eclipse tools from the within eclipse.  Now I'm
> in a state where I could do that, but I have no idea how
> to proceed if I actually wanted to make changes.  Normally,
> if I wanted to add a plugin dependency, I would do that
> in the manifest, using the eclipse tooling.  Takes about
> 15s, then it works.  In our setup, I have no idea what I
> need to do, add some magic lines in a pom somewhere, then
> some cryptic command line incantations, and if all goes
> well, 5 min later I have a working workspace again.  If
> this was all documented somewhere, I might even try my
> hand at it.  As it's not documented, I'll stay away from
> trying to improve our eclipse tooling.  I'm wondering
> how many other potential eclipse developers (like Tong)
> we're keeping away from contributing to our eclipse tools
> with our maven build.  Sorry for the rant.
Yeah maven and eclipse do not work well together.
I often have issue with the combination where it takes
me a while to find out whats wrong, or sometimes it  just
works after dangling around for a while.

Maven generates the MANIFEST.MF file for eclipse and that
is in my eyes the source for many problems.
If someone wants to change the manifest the pom must be changed
and sometimes the change in the pom does not result in the desired
manifest which is annoying when you know how the manifest should be.
Eclipse offers some help for maintaining the manifest, but all this stuff
cannot be used with our pom set up.

And some things are just not possible, e.g. when you checkout the Cas Editor
it does not run out of the box in eclipse because the classpath is 
When the Cas Editor bundle is build the class path must be ./ and in eclipse
it must be target/classes. An easy solution would be to have
both paths on the classpath, but the maven felix bundle plugin fails 
with an error.

To your question. The pom has a required bundle element, just add the 
dependency there
and re-generate the manifest with maven. Not sure which command 
re-generates the manifest,
but I always use mvn package.


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