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From Thilo Goetz <twgo...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: slight restructuring of SVN when we graduate
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2010 09:16:12 GMT
Does that mean we no longer have to copy sanbox projects
to uimaj to build them?  I would love that.


On 3/8/2010 19:37, Marshall Schor wrote:
> When we graduate, I think it would be a good idea to slightly
> restructure our SVN layout, moving the trunk/branches/tags designation
> to one level higher for the uimaj, uima-as, and sandbox projects.
> That is, the new layout would look something like:
> .../uima/trunk
>               /uimaj (Java SDK)
>               /uima-as (add-on to above
>               /sandbox
>               /superPoms  <new directory to hold various parent poms>
>               /sharedBuildTools <or maybe a better name>
>         /branches
>         /tags
> The branches and tags can have just parts of the trunk copied to them,
> or they can have the whole trunk.  The Apache Release plugin works with
> this structure; for instance, if you want to release just
> sandbox/projectXXX the release plugin would copy sandbox/projectXXX to
> the tag, not the entire trunk.  (I haven't tried this, but that's the
> impression I get from reading.)
> The goal of this is to allow checking out the "trunk" to check out
> everything, as well as allow checking out any specific sub-part(s) of
> interest (e.g., one sandbox project), and have a consistent layout in
> working store that matches the SVN.  This will enable a more
> straight-forward build process, and allow us to use more standard Maven
> tooling.
> The sharedBuildTools would be tooling (such as DocBook tools) needed for
> building, but not something that is part of normal distributions or
> releases.  (It *could* be released, as a separate component, if that was
> desired).  (It can also be included in the tag - to preserve a
> particular version of the tooling used to build a release).
> Any opinions pro/con moving to this kind of layout, when we move out of
> the incubator?
> -Marshall

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