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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Tricks in testing Eclipse update sites
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 19:05:17 GMT
 I had to learn some tricks by trial/error and googling to test the eclipse
update site builds.  Here they are, for Eclipse 3.5.2 (may be similar for other

Not doing these tricks causes strange errors when installing software - often
during "provisioning".

The most reliable way:  Assume you have a test-eclipse installation

* build a new eclipse update site
* erase the old test-eclipse installation (rm -r its top level directory)
* unzip a fresh version into a new test-eclipse directory
* delete any previous workspace used with it

Then launch, and install the software.

Another way: how to re-install software in an existing Eclipse, without removing
it, perhaps because you're testing a new version:
* use menu Help -> install new software -> show installed software; pick the
thing you want to re-install, and select "uninstall".
* NOTE: My 3.5.2 installation appears to do nothing, but it's preparing the
uninstall (faulty use of modal menus, etc.).  Just wait...
* after about 10 seconds, a pop-up asks for confirmation, click ok to proceed
* NOTE: again, no screen indicates anything is being done (but you might see
some status flying by in the corner of the main Eclipse window).
* after some more time, another pop-up asks to restart Eclipse, say yes.

* Now, shut down Eclipse, and finish the uninstall by hand:
* first, go to the plugins directory, and remove the old versions of the plugins
of what you uninstalled
* 2nd, go to the top level Eclipse directory, and find the file artifacts.xml. 
Edit this file, finding and removing all stanzas that refer to the artifacts
that were uninstalled.  Save this file.

Now, a reinstall works (for me).

-Marshall Schor

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