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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject handling of context saving in annotators
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 19:28:37 GMT
 A recent "bug" in the Snowball annotator arose as follows:

1) It didn't implement the full annotator set of methods, but instead, depended
on the implementation skeleton done by a "base" implementation class.
2) That base implementation class included an implementation of reconfigure()
which is implemented as:

  public void reconfigure() throws ResourceConfigurationException,
ResourceInitializationException {

where "mContext" is a field which might or might not be set (it isn't set by the

It is set by the base implementation class's implementation of the
"initialize(uimaContext)" method.  If the user has their own initialize method,
and doesn't set this variable (which he would not normally be aware of) himself,
he can set it by calling "super.initialize(uimaContext)".

The bug that arose happened when the annotator writer didn't call
"super.initialize", and then the application writer (different people, different
roles) called "reconfigure", which the framework eventually passed down to the

The user didn't implement this, but instead depended on the base implementation
class.  This referenced the null value for mContext, which caused the error.


There are different kinds of things one could do here.  One would be to add some
more notes to the manual(s) (I didn't check, the notes might actually already be
there, but we could in that case make them stand out more :-) ) saying that if
you use the base implementation classes as superclasses of your annotator
implementation, you *must* call super.initialize.

Another would be to add some support in the getContext() default method which
checks for null, and if found, issues a longer error message stating that the in
user's implementations of initialize which extend xyz base class, the user
*must* call super.initialize..., before calling getContext() or other framework
methods that call getContext() (such as getEmptyCAS - used in CAS multipliers),
or words to that effect.

Another thing that could be done is to have the framework examine the annotator
class before it calls its initialize method, to see if it is extending one of
the base impl classes which has this field and makes use of it in the
getContext() method, and if it finds that to be true, the framework could set
this field itself.  This would eliminate the possible error from happening, but
maybe it's overkill for what is a simple thing for users to do.


Are there other approaches to this, and which kind of fix do you think we should
do for this?


P.S., the Snowball Annotator in our sandbox has been fixed
(https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/UIMA-1861).  The other annotators in our
sandbox and our examples haven't been "reviewed" as yet to see if they have this

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