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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject maybe renaming the pear packaging maven plugin
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2011 19:33:28 GMT
We have a maven plugin that does pear packaging; we use it ourselves in some builds.

It's maven coordinates are:

GroupId: org.apache.uima
ArtifactId: PearPackagingMavenPlugin

Maven, when running a specific plugin, specifies that plugin using the syntax:
mvn groupId:artifactId:version:goal

So to run the pear packager, people have to type:

mvn org.apache.uima:PearPackagingMavenPlugin:2.3.1:package

The page
describes several shortenings of this, based on conventions.

1) to run the "latest" version, leave off the version: mvn

2) If the plugin artifactId follows the naming convention of maven-$name-plugin
or $name-maven-plugin, then you can type mvn groupId:$name:version:goal.  An
email thread (see http://markmail.org/message/h3dit6ml4nrciysv ) says that the
first of these forms is reserved for the artifacts in the groupId of
org.apache.maven.plugins.  The 2nd was originally reserved (I think?) for the
groupId of org.codehaus.mojo, but also can be used for other groupIds.

If we renamed our plugin to follow this convention, to be the artifactId
uimapear-maven-plugin, then to run the latest version of this from the mvn
command line, you would type:

mvn org.apache.uima:uimapear:package

If this convention is followed, then with an additional entry in a local
.m2/settings.xml file that adds the org.apache.uima "groupId" to the list of
groupIds for the maven plugin lookup mechanism to use, you can reduce this
further to:

mvn uimapear:package

I think it is probably a good idea to change the artifactId to follow the
$name-maven-plugin convention.

Other opinions?  If we do change the name, is $name = uimapear a good candidate?
(This would allow future expansion of the functionality, although currently it
only supports a"package" goal).

The bad side effect is that it would affect existing users (if they currently
have scripts using the old name), when/if they upgraded.  I'm not sure the best
way to mitigate this...


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