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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Multi CAS View support for the Cas Editor
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 13:21:25 GMT
Hi all,

the Cas Editor is missing support to open other views of
a CAS than the default view. In some applications that is a serious
limitation and makes the Cas Editor unsuitable to visualize those CASes.

I would like to discuss how view support should be added to the Cas Editor.
After looking through the code for a while and reading about eclipse
it seems that we have the following options:

1. Open an editor per CAS view
Each CAS view is opened in one editor. The opened editors can be of 
kinds and show the view content, e.g. one editor might show an image of a
scanned page, while a second editor shows the recognized text.
Both editors need to be synchronized, changes made in the first editor might
be visible in the second editor. When one editor is saved, the other 
editor is also
saved. That might confuse users, but it seems that there is no good way 
to support
the separate editing of multiple views, because cross view Feature 
Structures might
The solution is very flexible because the user can chose in which editor 
which view
should be opened, e.g a text can be opened in the normal annotation 
editor or
in an concordance editor, or in some editor which is specialized in 
viewing parse trees.
It is also possible to open one view in two editors.

2. Multi Page Editors
Each CAS view is shown in one tab of the Multi Page Editor. This solution
is implemented by Tongs Cas Viewer Eclipse Plugin.
In this scenario it might be difficult to choose the actual editor for 
one view,
but that might be done via special "Open With" actions or an eclipse 
view which
specifies which editor should show a CAS view.
Opening a view more than once in two tabs might be confusing for a user.
Saving follows normal eclipse conventions, compared to solution one.

Are there more way of implementing multi view support in eclipse? I might
have missed a good solution.

As part of this work an API should be defined which makes it easy for 
users to extend
the Cas Editor with custom editors, e.g. an html cas editor or a 
part-of-speech labeling cas editor.

Any opinions on how we should implement it?


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