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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Multi CAS View support for the Cas Editor
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 15:28:26 GMT
On 3/31/11 4:50 PM, Peter Klügl wrote:
>  Hi all,
> I would prefer the second option, but without the "Open With" action. 
> I for myself find it quite annoying to open xmiCAS with some sort of 
> "Open With", because if you just double-click to open, then you get 
> the wrong editor each other time.
When you have multiple editors, you can only have one default editor 
which is used to open a CAS view. Open With just makes it convenient to
directly pick another editor.

> The first option has only one advantage in my opinion and in my use 
> cases, namely that you can visualize the views of one CAS at the same 
> time. With editors for each view and several opened xmiCAS, Eclipse 
> gets crowded really fast.
> I would propose a double Multi Page Editor. I've done that for my CEV 
> plugin, so I'm not at all objective here. You would have one tab for 
> each view and within that tab one tab for each editor. Here, the 
> editors themselves should to be capable to identify if the content of 
> the view is suitable for them. An example: an HTML visualization is 
> added to the editor tabs only if the content is text-based and 
> contains HTML markup.
I actually believe that most of the time a user only needs to open one 
editor, the annoying thing right now is that you have to
open the default view, just opening a different view in one editor is 
not possible.
Based on Eddies post I believe it would be really nice if a user could 
implement an editor which also visualizes two (multiple) views of the CAS
at once. That might be problematic in a design where every view is bound 
to a tab.

Maybe the first proposed way of implementing the whole thing is just to 
give the user control over which CAS view is shown in the editor. If the
editor is not capable of displaying the sofa it shows an error message. 
If a user contributed a second Cas Editor implementation to the workbench
it can open the same file also and is synchronized. That is for example 
what happens when you open the same java file in the java editor
and in the text editor.
> Besides that all, I would really like to contribute to the definition 
> of the API, if that is possible.

Sure, you are welcome.

Now I believe the whole change we might need to do is, to give the user 
control over which view is opened in the Cas Editor,
and maybe provide a way to switch between views.


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