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From Peter Klügl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (UIMA-2201) TextMarker IDE functionality missing due to renaming
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2011 11:52:44 GMT
  Am 05.08.2011 13:37, schrieb Jörn Kottmann:
> On 8/5/11 1:18 PM, Peter Klügl wrote:
>> I think so. As for the DLTK plugins, maybe two plugins can remain, 
>> one for core one for ui stuff. The TextRuler plugins should not merge 
>> since they are really extensions with new functionality and 
>> independent of each other. Right now you also need to knoe what you 
>> are doing to use the framework at all. So it's not so interesting for 
>> other users. Besides that we have here also two new rule learning 
>> algorithms that work better with the rule engineering approach than 
>> the well known algorithms and should maybe join the other extension 
>> sometime.
> I would even go further to join the DLTK ui and core plugins, or is 
> there a motivation not to do it?

I don't know right now. I don't have a good feeling that it will be done 
without problems. I'll just try and we'll see if there are some reason 
against it.

> ...
>> There some really useful views for my use cases, e.g, selection 
>> displays all annotations that cover the click position or the 
>> annotation browser that has a field for filtering types. I often have 
>> more than 20 overlapping annotations and more than 100 different types.
> We can improve the existing Cas Editor views to handle this, maybe add 
> a new one to work with many overlapping
> annotations.


>> Then there is the explanation component. Information about the rule 
>> execution is stored in the cas and there are some special views that 
>> display this information in a special manner. Other general views 
>> should ignore these feature structures since there might be really 
>> many of them. The CEV needs to be capable to open xmis of more then 
>> 200MB because of that. So an extension point for the definition of 
>> ignored type would come handy.
> That sounds more like a new view, which should not be part of the Cas 
> Editor itself. The Cas Editor
> supports adding of new views which can visualize and change an aspect 
> of the CAS opened in the
> editor.

Yes, there need to be extra views, because they also communicate between 
each other. An example: if you click an a node in the "applied rule" 
view, the views for matched and not matched display where the selected 
rule tried to apply. If you click on one element of these views, then 
the "rule elements" view displays what rule elements tried to match on 
what text passages and how the conditions were evaluated.

> I guess it will be easy for you to port these views to the Cas Editor. 
> It is actually very simple, an ICasEditor has
> a method to retrieve an ICasDocument which can retrieve the CAS 
> object, and has a few method to track
> changes done to the CAS.
> If you create a new annotation, you need to call a method on the 
> ICasDocment to signal that to other views.

Yes, I will do that, but it will take some time :-)


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