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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: logic around cas reset for cas multiplier CASes
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2011 13:43:07 GMT
Further (overnight) thinking on this issue:

Locking the cas that getEmptyCas returns may break some existing user code.

And there's no need to protect users at this point against the actions that
locking prevents, I think.

So, I'm changing my approach - to keep getEmptyCas as it is - returning an
unlocked CAS.
However, I will put in the other change for releasing a CAS to unlock it before
resetting it.
I don't see any downside to that.


On 8/11/2011 5:56 PM, Marshall Schor wrote:
> While working on a fix for UIMA-2211, I came across code in the core that looks
> wrong.
> There is code for getEmptyCas in UimaContext_ImplBase, that had comments to the
> effect that when the empty CAS was provided back to user code that requested it
> (typically within a Cas Multiplier), the Cas was "locked" (meaning that you
> cannot reset it) and any class loader switching that might be needed for loading
> things related to the Cas (such as JCas cover classes) was done.  The comment
> said that when the "next()" method returned to the framework, the Cas would be
> unlocked (and the class loaders restored).
> The scenario I think makes sense.  The user code typically implements a "next()"
> method, called by the framework, to return another CAS, so the first thing that
> method does is get an empty one, then do some initialization, and the return
> it.  So while in the user code, the CAS should have the right class loaders set
> up for it, and be "locked" against operations that the user code shouldn't be doing.
> However, even though the comments say this, the actual code that was there
> called SwitchClassLoader (which skips locking the CAS) instead of
> switchClassLoaderLockCasCL (which does the lock).  So I think this should be fixed.
> I changed it, and found some tests didn't run.  One I traced to the code in
> CasPool for releasing a CAS.  It has code to unlock and restore the class
> loaders, and reset the CAS, but the order of these were backwards in the method
> releaseCas(...) - - it was trying to reset the Cas before unlocking it...).
> Another testcase which now fails is testEnableReset in CasManager_implTest. 
> This test says that if a Cas is locked, you should not be able to release it
> back to the CasPool, but now that I fixed the ordering, this does work.  So I
> think the test is wrong to expect releasing it to fail.
> -----------
> Before I commit things, does anyone know of use cases where getEmptyCas should
> *not* lock a CAS (meaning prevent users from calling reset on the cas?
> Thanks for thinking about this :-)  -Marshall

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