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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Shown Annotation types in the Annotation Editor
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 09:23:55 GMT
Hi all,

the Cas Editors Annotation Editor uses a list of shown annotation types
to decide which annotation are displayed and which not. This list
can either be modified in the context menu of the editor or in a separate

I got a little confused about the fact where I should store this 

The Cas Editor historically has "two" places to store such settings, one 
is a
persistent store per type system (that used to be in the DotCorpus file) and
an in memory per type system session store (that is the 
EditorAnnotationStatus object).

Currently the displayed annotation types are stored in the persistent 
store, but I know
believe that the session store would be a better place to store it. 
Because these are settings
which usually changed many times during a Cas Editor session and might 
not be important
for the user to be saved to a persistent store. Saving data which 
frequently changes in the
persistent store makes it more difficult for project teams to exchange 
it e.g. via subversion,
because it just changes all the time for everyone.

Therefore I would like to move the displayed annotation types to the 
session store,
any opinions about that? Currently the annotation editor stores there 
the  "mode"
and last opened "view" information.

To work further towards a more common Cas Editor API I am planning to 
use the eclipse
preference store to replace the dot corpus file, and the session 
settings store.
This way also Cas Editor plugins are able to store settings in these two 
type system
bound scopes.


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