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From Peter Klügl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: Shown Annotation types in the Annotation Editor
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 11:06:21 GMT

I try to get the CAS Editor running from sources. Is there any easy and 
fast way without the rest of the uima projects?


Am 11.10.2011 10:44, schrieb Peter Klügl:
>  Hi,
> Am 11.10.2011 10:36, schrieb Jörn Kottmann:
>> On 10/11/11 10:25 AM, Peter Klügl wrote:
>>> There are nine really important views. The other views are maybe 
>>> usful but not essential.
>>> Generic:
>>> - selection (uimaj-ep-cev)
>>> - annotationBrowser (uimaj-ep-cev) The CAS Editor has a similar one, 
>>> but this one has a text field for filtering types, useful when there 
>>> are more than 50 types.
>> I suggest that we enhance the Annotation Editors Outline view to be 
>> able to replace the annotation browser. The selection view could 
>> maybe added
>> directly to the Cas Editor. I need to find out how it works.
> I you have any question... just ask. The view itself is quite simple: 
> It just displays the annotations under the selected position in the 
> editor,really usefule if you have 10-20 layers of annotations.
>>> Type-Specific:
>>> - apply, element, matched, failed of the explain views 
>>> (uimaj-ep-textmarker-addons) for visualizing the rule execution.
>>> - fn, fp and tp of the testing views (uimaj-ep-textmarker-addons) 
>>> for visualizing the testing results.
>> These we need to migrate and make Cas Editor views out of them. Are 
>> they all showing information from the CAS which is
>> currently visible?
> All this information (special types) is stored in the CAS. Maybe an 
> option to exclude these types from the generic views can be included 
> sometime.
>>> And there is another thing I already mentioned somtime: We would 
>>> also need the possibility add additional plugins that display and 
>>> create annotations. They are application-specific, but very 
>>> important for some  latest projects. The CEV plugin has an extension 
>>> point in order to initiate the communication between the plugins, 
>>> but I don't know if the current solution is optimal. 
>> That is already possible, a user can just contribute an eclipse view 
>> which can then access (or modify via CAS API) the contents of the 
>> currently
>> opened CAS. I wrote one for a project I am doing, there a user can 
>> modify a FS by marking check boxes instead of using the generic
>> Cas Editor views.
> Great, I'll migrate our other views when the rest is done.
> By the way: I tried to upload a new patch to UIMA-2237, but then 
> realized that the patch wasn't again not created correctly. Now I 
> can't access jira, so it will take some time...
> Peter

Dipl.-Inf. Peter Klügl
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