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From Burn Lewis <burnle...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Configuration parameters (was Working on a new API to enable creation of UIMA AS deployment descriptors programmatically)
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 23:14:37 GMT
I'd like to revive our discussion of August 2011.

The basic goal is to improve the existing envVarRef way of parameterizing
descriptor configuration parameters which currently allows the values of
system properties to be imbedded as part of the value of a parameter, e.g.



Although this is flexible, allowing multiple replacements, it is not
supported by the CDE since it is evaluated when the descriptor is parsed.

One suggestion is to add a new element under <nameValuePair> that specifies
the external name of the parameter, e.g.


and it has been pointed out that we could allow a default value to be
defined if the appropriate string, integer, float or boolean element were
also specified.

I have used the envVarRef feature in a couple of applications and found it
convenient to include the full- or nick-name of the annotator in the
variable name, e.g. 'com.acme.engine.filter.threshold' or
'Filter.threshold'.  When these are passed in a properties file to UIMA
they can be viewed as global parameters for an application, and hence can
be thought of as alternative "global" names for the configuration
parameters.  From this viewpoint it might be more appropriate to specify
the name in the parameter declaration section of the descriptors, alongside
its "local" name, e.g.

      <description>Score threshold for filter</description>

One benefit here is that the settings section for a mandatory parameter
could be omitted if it were overridden by an aggregate or defined globally.

In the earlier discussions it was suggested that we support more complex
substitutions in the propertyRef element, e.g.


I no longer think this complexity is very useful or desirable. With
parameters specified in a properties file, reconstructed in a descriptor,
and then used in code I think we have too many ways to modify parameters,
and for clarity I think a one-to-one relationship between external
properties and internal parameters is preferable.  Note that such
construction can be done with envVarRef if needed.

How should we handle arrays? (if at all)  Fixed size ones could have
multiple entries, e.g.


Variable ones could be set from a comma separated list but might require a
new <list> element in the settings, while a list could be the expected
format for multiValued parameters with a <globalName> element.


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