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From Richard Eckart de Castilho <richard.eck...@googlemail.com>
Subject Binary CAS serialization and "identical type system"
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2012 23:16:24 GMT

I'd like to understand a bit better what it means when it is said that "binary CAS serialization
requires the type system to be identical". I have implemented a simple CAS consumer and reader
based on the CASCompleteSerializer. As far as I understand it, the CASCompleteSerializer serializes
not only the feature structures but also the complete type system and index repository. I
understand that when I deserialize that into a fresh CAS, whatever type system is already
in the CAS is fully replaced by the deserialized type system. Consequently, all binary CAS
written and later read using the CASCompleteSerializer should always fullfil the requirement
"the type system is identical". 

Is this correct?


-- Richard
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