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From Peter Kl├╝gl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: Questions about TextMarker release
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 12:53:38 GMT
Thanks for the answers.

The next question: What about the version number of the TextMarker release?

The projects are developed against the head of the svn and therefore the 
current version is also 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT.
TextMarker should work just fine with uimaj-(core, ...)-2.4.0, but I do 
not remember right now, what changes of the CAS Editor are already 
released in 2.4.0. I got no compile errors yet when I set the dependency 
for the CAS Editor to 2.4.0. However, I need more testing here.

So, 2.4.0 it would be? Or is an alignment, e.g., to other Eclipse-based 
tooling, not necessary?

Are there any best practices for that? I am thinking, for example, about 
the version of the parent pom. Do I have to create a new workspace with 
some UIMA projects in the 2.4.0 revision?



On 12.12.2012 02:39, Marshall Schor wrote:
> <snip>
>> - Is there a release manager for this?
> You can be the release manager, or someone else could.  The RM is just the
> person pushing through all the steps to get the release done.
>> I guess that I will do the complete release, right? I do not even know if I
>> have the rights for all steps.
> You should have all the rights.  If not, we'll get that fixed :-)
>> - Is it recommended to create an "aggregate-uimaj-textmarker" project?
> A popular method for users to interact with our source, is to check out some
> portion of the tree they're interested in , and do mvn install.  Right now, if
> you check out the TextMarker directory (which has all the other projects in it),
> it appears that
>    - the projects are "flat" - all exist as children of the top TextMarker directory
>    - there is no overall "pom" the containing TextMarker directory - it has no
> files, only the subdirectories.
> I would suggest creating a pom for the entire project, and storing it as a file
> in the TextMarker directory (not in a separate new project called
> aggregate-uimaj-textmarker).  This pom's purpose would be to do the aggregation
> (via <modules>) of all the subprojects that normally ought to be built when a
> user wants to build from source.
>> - How does it work with the documentation? The pdf has more than 80 pages
>> right now. I created a book for the developement, but maybe it's better if the
>> TextMarker documentation stays in its own book?
> Sure, that's sounds correct.  Some other sandbox projects also have docbook
> documentation.
>> I was reading  much about doing a release, but I do not know if all applies
>> one-to-one on the TextMarker projects.
> We'll only discover what is needed as we go step by step through the process :-).
> -Marshall

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