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From Peter Klügl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: Questions about TextMarker release
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 15:06:44 GMT

next question about "Building The Release Candidate"

I did now a trial build of the release candidate with "mvn install 
-Papache-release". The only thing that looks not correct is the naming 
of the pom for the Eclipse plugins, for example:


Do I have to take care of that? This happens also for the CAS Editor 
plugin in my workspace.

What is the next step? Should I already add the server properties to my 
settings.xml as described here [1], or is there an intermediate step, 
e.g., uploading the trial to my people.apache.org webspace?



[1] http://maven.apache.org/developers/committer-settings.html

On 08.01.2013 22:40, Peter Klügl wrote:
> I have found the problem by taking a closer look at the uima-as pom.  
> -> plugin version + config
> Can someone verify if the org.apache.uima:parent-pom works correctly? 
> It did not work for me and I think it needs to be updates for Jira >4.
> The maven-changes-plugin version points to 2.6, for example.
> Peter
> Am 08.01.2013 13:55, schrieb Peter Klügl:
>> Hi,
>> next question about "Preparing The Sourcecode For The Release".
>> I added the jiraVersion property. However, if I try to generate the 
>> report with "mvn changes:jira-report -N", then I get an exception:
>> org.apache.maven.plugin.MojoExecutionException: Failed to parse JIRA 
>> XML.
>> Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The element type "meta" 
>> must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</meta>".
>> A short google search indicates that the configuration in the pom is 
>> probably not correct. However, the related definitions are located in 
>> the org.apache.uima:parent-pom.
>> Did I miss something, or do I have to override something in 
>> uimaj-textmarker-parent?
>> Best,
>> Peter
>> On 21.12.2012 11:12, Peter Klügl wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> the next two questions:
>>> 1.  Release Discussions - Release Plan
>>> http://uima.apache.org/release.html says: "At the beginning of the 
>>> "UIMA Release Process" there must be consensus in the developer 
>>> community about the JIRA issues that should be part of the next 
>>> release and the time frame for the release..."
>>> Here's a list of unresolved issues: 
>>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/issues/?jql=project%20%3D%20UIMA%20AND%20resolution%20%3D%20Unresolved%20AND%20component%20%3D%20TextMarker%20ORDER%20BY%20priority%20DESC
>>> UIMA-2285 (Write documentation for the TextMarker projects) will be 
>>> resolved before the release as it is almost done.
>>> UIMA-2528 (Open CAS Editor blocks eclipse start) is almost a 
>>> blocker, but I fear that I won't be able to change anything in the 
>>> TextMarker projects that will fix this problem.
>>> If there are no objections, then I will to move all the unresolved 
>>> issues to the next version (2.0.1).
>>> 2. Preparing the Jira for the Release
>>> "...and that the "Fixed in release xxx" is set for each Jira issue 
>>> that is part of the release."
>>> "There is a saved "filter" you can adjust for this that will display 
>>> all fixed Jira issues with no Fixed in release xxx assigned. You can 
>>> go through subsets of this (use the filter to pick the subset you 
>>> want) and do "bulk Jira changes" to update multiples of these in 
>>> parallel, if that makes sense."
>>> Is this necessary that all issues are updated as it will be the 
>>> first relase of the TextMarker system? And if yes, where can I find 
>>> this filter?
>>> Peter
>>> On 12.12.2012 17:33, Peter Klügl wrote:
>>>> Hmm, good point. Then, I prefer 2.0.0
>>>> Peter
>>>> On 12.12.2012 17:28, Jörn Kottmann wrote:
>>>>> On 12/12/2012 05:21 PM, Peter Klügl wrote:
>>>>>> Ok, after all comments, I think the TextMarker release number 
>>>>>> should be 1.0.0.
>>>>> It will confuse people when you release under a lower version 
>>>>> number as you did before.
>>>>> I suggest to increment the version either to 1.6.0 or if there 
>>>>> have been significant changes to
>>>>> 2.0.0.
>>>>>> Jörn, do you have an opinion about the additional CAS Editor 
>>>>>> views (uimaj-ep-textmarker-caseditor)? They have no dependency to

>>>>>> TextMarker, only to the two CAS Editor projects. I will simply 
>>>>>> release them together with TextMarker.
>>>>> +1
>>>>> Jörn

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