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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache UIMA TextMarker Release Candidate 1
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:20:45 GMT
On 01/24/2013 10:39 AM, Peter Klügl wrote:
>> I found the icons in the uimaj-ep-textmarker-ide binary plugin jar 
>> file, but
>> the LICENSE and NOTICE files do not contain the attribution and 
>> license for them:
> Hmm, yes. I thought it is enough to provide those modified files for 
> the root project, which is released. I assume that maven has put the 
> standard LICENSE/NOTICE files in META-INF. The question is: what do I 
> need to do? Does each jar needs its individual files? 

I am afraid to tell you that you need to have accurate NOTICE/LICENSE 
files for all the artifacts you want to distribute.
As far as I know you can tell maven to not follow the standard behavior, 
I believe Marshall already did it for
some of our artifacts already, e.g. the Cas Editor.

See this release policy:

The attribution and notices you included in the svn tag files look good,
you just need to make sure that they are included in all of your 
artifacts you want
to distribute. The basic principle here is that you just include what is 

The textmarker ide plugin jar file includes the icons, and uses ANTLR 
libraries through
the textmarker engine. For the LICENSE and NOTICE file it only counts 
what is inside the distributable,
in this case you only need to put the icons in the LICENSE/NOTICE but 
not ANTLR because their
work is not included.

The NOTICE file in the svn tag still has 2012 in it, should be updated 
to 2013.

Hope that helps,

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