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From Peter Kl├╝gl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: Time to push out next release of 2.4.1SDK ?
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 09:09:30 GMT
On 29.04.2013 23:02, Marshall Schor wrote:
> I think it's past time ( :-) ) to push out a new release of UIMA SDK, so that a
> new release of UIMA-AS and the first release of DUCC, which I think has some
> dependencies on the latest things in UIMA and UIMA-AS can be done.
> I'm starting to go through the various JIRAs still outstanding and see which of
> these we might want to try to include in 2.4.1, although I think there's already
> plenty of new stuff in 2.4.1 without adding more things!
> The main things that I see that need "finishing" are the interfaces to binary
> compressed serialization and the documentation of this and also of the paramater
> overrides.  I've put some preliminary write-ups of these into our docbooks
> already, but others with more knowledge should review / augment / correct them.
> Are there other (major) things that people would like to see in 2.4.1SDK?

(only minor stuff here)

UIMA-2671: Display applied type system in CAS Editor
I can take care of that.

There are also many interesting open issues for the CAS Editor, e.g,
UIMA-2254: Selection event for multiple annotations in CAS Editor, which
would improve the UIMA Ruta explanation. However, I would refrain from
implementing those, because I am quite occupied with UIMA Ruta stuff.


> -Marshall

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