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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: Build failed in Jenkins: UIMA-SDK #339
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 17:04:12 GMT
I found the problem :-)

The local build uses the parent-pom 5-SNAPSHOT.  The Jenkins build uses the
parent-pom 5-SNAPSHOT.

However the local build uses this from the local .m2.

The Jenkins build uses this from the repository.apache.org SNAPSHOT spot.  The
last "deploy" to this was before the 5-SNAPSHOT version was updated to refer to
the Apache-wide parent pom version 13 (it referred to version 10, which has
version 2.8 of the plugin-plugin, as opposed to version 13 which has 3.2).

I've just now redeployed the more current version of the 5-SNAPSHOT to the
snapshot repo to fix this.

I'll back out the changes I did to test this in the jcasgen-maven-plugin.


On 6/12/2013 12:00 PM, Marshall Schor wrote:
> I'm trying some things.  This build works locally, just failing in Jenkins - so
> will have to try some things.
> -Marshall
> On 6/12/2013 11:42 AM, Apache Jenkins Server wrote:
>> no mojo definitions were found for plugin

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