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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: Questions on the organization of the UIMA website
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 13:41:57 GMT

On 8/31/2013 5:15 PM, Richard Eckart de Castilho wrote:
> Hi,
> uimaFIT and Ruta are both officially part of the UIMA sandbox - at least in SVN.
> On the website, Ruta has been added on the left navigation menu on the same level as
> Annotators, Tools & Servers, etc. It is also listed in the Sandbox section.
> I have added uimaFIT to the left navigation menu as well now. Contrary to other
> sandbox components, both uimaFIT and Ruta have rather large "project" pages.
> Also, Ruta is listed as a separate download in the downloads section. I've added
> uimaFIT there as well now.
> I'm not sure where this is going, but it's probably something we should discuss.
> Should uimaFIT and Ruta be removed from the navigation bar and just end up on the
> sandbox page?
I don't think so, given their larger, active communities.
> Actually, looking at the nav section, there's loads of developer
> information, but the stuff users are interested in, e.g. components and tools
> is comparatively underrepresented/small. The "Annotators" and "Addons & Sandbox"
> links basically link to the same place, although being two different items in the
> navigation. Similarly, some things are listed under "tools" and again under "addons".
> Should there be something like "featured" sub-projects?
Does "featured" mean something that changes, perhaps monthly, over time?  That
could be good, but would require more "tending-the-garden" on an ongoing basis
for our website.  It we can find some volunteer help to help out with that, that
could work.

> How are downloads for sandbox projects handled when they get their own release
> cycle? As separate downloads on the downloads page (as now) or somehow different?
We haven't come across that issue before :-) ; I don't have any strong opinions
except that we should make it easy / obvious for users to do.  It might help to
look at what some other projects do.
> And of courseā€¦ is the uimaFIT page ok? (http://uima.apache.org/uimafit.html)
I may get some time to take a look...  (It's "labor day" - meaning the family
asks you do to lots of labor around the house :-) )

> I'll hold off the release announcement mail until I get some feedback on these
> questions.
> Cheers,
> -- Richard

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