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From Peter Kl├╝gl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject uima.runtime layout vs ruta.engine layout
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 17:17:21 GMT

I had a hard time to adapt the ruta.engine bundle to the new layout,
which we use in the runtime plugin.

Can someone explain to me the import section in the manifest of the
runtime plugin? Why doesn't that cause problems either when starting
eclipse or when building it with maven?

I got my plugin to work, but do not really know why. I had to added
something like the following to the maven-bundle-plugin:

   !antlr, !bsh, !com.jamonapi, !com.sun.net.httpserver,
   !groovy.lang, !javax.annotation, !javax.ejb,
   !javax.el, !javax.inject,
   !javax.interceptor, !javax.jms,
   !javax.management, !javax.management.modelmbean,
   !javax.naming, !javax.persistence.spi, !javax.rmi, !javax.servlet,
   !javax.swing, !javax.swing.border,
   !javax.swing.event, !javax.swing.text, !javax.swing.tree,
   !javax.validation.metadata, !javax.xml.namespace,
   !javax.xml.parsers, !javax.xml.stream,
   !javax.xml.stream.events, !javax.xml.stream.util,
   !javax.xml.transform, !javax.xml.transform.sax,
   !javax.xml.ws, !joptsimple, !net.sf.cglib.*, !net.sf.ehcache.*,
   !org.apache.log, !org.apache.log4j, !org.apache.log4j.xml,
   !org.aspectj.*, !org.codehaus.groovy.*, !org.hibernate.* ,
   !org.joda.*, !org.jruby.*, !org.omg.CORBA,
   !org.w3c.dom, !org.xml.sax, !org.xml.sax.ext, !org.xml.sax.helpers



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