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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release UIMA-DUCC 1.0.0 RC4
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 04:43:07 GMT
The issuesFixed report is messed up.  There are multiple issues.

I realize that this is "moot" because the report isn't referenced from things
like the Release Notes, but here's what my investigations have turned up.

The first thing is that the jira report is being run twice.  This is because the
uima-ducc pom calls out an execution of it under the execution ID
ducc-jira-report.  Because this id is different from the parent pom one for this
(which is default-cli -- so named so that it can be run from the command line
[following maven conventions]), this plugin spec doesn't "override" the one in
the parent pom, and in fact, the report runs twice.   (If you named it the same
execution ID, it would override / augment the parent pom configuration of the
same execution ID.)

The non-overridden one ends up running the report for the build/parent-pom
project's issues, and that's what shows up in the result of the build.

So, to fix this, I would recommend removing the maven-changes-plugin from the
uima-ducc pom, and having the uima-ducc parent pom's parent be the (now
released) version 8 (which has the right level of the maven-changes-plugin).

To specify which "version" the maven-changes-plugin should run against you
define a property.  This property is currently defined in the uima-ducc-parent
pom; but it's not a "factored" thing, not shared; it's only used by the
uima-ducc project, so I would suggest moving it to that project. 

The name for this property (used by the common uima-wide parent pom) is
jiraVersion.  I note that the property used in the uima-ducc-parent is spelled
differently:  jira.version

Assuming you are going to inherit the configuration of this plugin from the
uima-wide parent pom (v 8)  (recommend), then you will need to spell the
property jiraVersion instead.

Finally, by running in debug mode, I found that although we request 1000 (max
number of Jiras) be fetched, that number is reduced to just 100 by a limiter in
the Apache Jira configuration, so even when everything is configured correctly,
the Jira report is truncated to just 100 entries.  Normally, this is enough
(between releases). 

It might be best to "turn off" the jira report generation altogether for this
release, because we're not providing this for the first release.  The easy way
to do this is to add a stanza to the uima-ducc POM in the <build> <plugins>
section which specifies for the <id>default-cli</id> an empty phase :


If we find we're having more than 100 Jira's per release, let's ask INFRA to up
the limit on Apache's JIRA installation.


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