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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache UIMA Ruta 2.2.0 RC6
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2014 21:53:47 GMT
I've discovered some strange issue with building Ruta from sources (but I won't
call it a blocker).

It happens when building with Maven version 3.2.1 (and probably any version 3.1
and above).  Maven version 3.0.5 can be made to work.

I think it's something involving the
repository - it may have some updating needed to be done in order to work with
maven 3.2.1.

Here's how I get the failure:

First, delete from your local .m2 repo the org/eclipse/* stuff. Then switch to
maven 3.2.1 (I also have JAVA_HOME set to an IBM Java 7 - but I think that's not
an issue).  If set up my .m2 settings.xml file to use a local Nexus Mirror that
is proxying the zoidberg... site, that mirror fails to download the
org.eclipse.dltk.core artifacts.  In fact, looking at this in my local nexus
shows something odd:

the "Browse Index" in my Nexus for this proxy shows:
   + com
   + eu
   - org
     - eclipse
        + compare
        + compare
        + core
        + debug
        - dltk
          + console
          + console
          + core
          + core
          + debug
          + debug
          + formatter
          + launching
          + testing
       ... etc

Note the duplicate directory names.
The "first one" that fails is not finding the jar / pom for

If I expand the ..dltk/core, I see for both entries:
          - core
            - manipulation
              + 3.0.0

So I think the index on this repo (which might be located at the top level) is

If I turn off the Nexus mirror, (comment out the stanza in my settings.xml file)
and use maven version 3.2.1, it also fails.

With my local Nexus mirror off, and switching back to Maven 3.0.5, the build
works - it finds the artifacts OK.
I'm guessing that Nexus and Maven (as of release 3.2.1 or so) both make use of
the info in the .index directory, but Maven 3.0.5 maybe doesn't rely on it.

I see the .index directory at
has a couple of files that have today's date - were they rebuilt today, and did
something go wrong with that?


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