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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release UIMA Java SDK 2.6.0 rc4
Date Sat, 03 May 2014 16:16:59 GMT

I've posted the UIMAJ SDK 2.6.0 rc4 release candidate.  

Changes since rc3: Fixed bugs in JCasHashMap and its test cases, that were found when testing
on a 32 core processor.

Previous changes:

rc1: mainly related to enabling exploitation of multi-core processors,
rc2: fixes 2 additional Jiras: one related to a bad refactoring that caused a problem serializing
descriptors to XML, and one to support multi-threaded access to read-only CASes which requires
that the JCasHashMap be thread safe), 
rc3: fixes some additional issues with JCasHashMap involving multithreading, size reporting,
and performance under multiple threads (contention).



The source and binary zip/tars and the Eclipse update site are staged to
http://people.apache.org/~schor/uima-release-candidates/uimaj-2.6.0-rc4/ <http://people.apache.org/%7Eschor/uima-release-candidates/uimaj-2.6.0-rc4/>

The Maven artifacts are here:

The SVN tags are here:

and for the Eclipse Update Site (just for the record, no real need to check anything here):

See http://uima.apache.org/testing-builds.html for suggestions on how to test
release candidates.

Please vote on release:

[ ] +1 OK to release
[ ] 0   Don't care
[ ] -1 Not OK to release, because ...



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