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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release UIMA-AS 2.6.0 RC5
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 20:01:07 GMT
signatures OK
compare source-release with SVN -OK
eclipse plugin install - OK (in Eclipse 4.3.2)
build from sources after clearing local repo of uima-as artifacts: OK

run extended tests:  bumpy but ok eventually.   I was running from Eclipse and
my Eclipse doesn't quite do the right thing on building - it misses out
generating some xmlbean things (but build from command line with mvn works). 

Also found a wrong version of Java compiler source / target in the poms, need to
upgrade to parent-pom 10 (when that's released) and/or override in the
meanwhile.  This doesn't seem to have affect the build, when built with a Java 7
JVM (which the Manifests indicate the binary build artifacts were built with) -
the tests and extended tests both ran fine.  So I don't consider this a blocker.

issues fixed - OK

Spot check many licenses & notices in Jars in the binary release (especially the
new ones), and one in the Maven Artifacts in the staging repo: OK.  

check main license / notice in source and bin - OK

Readme says "tested with Sun Java 6 on Windows XP"  - probably needs updating? 
I think we mainly test with Java 7 and on Windows we use Windows 7 (or 8), not
XP...   I don't consider this a release blocker.

Did the quickstart in the Readme - OK.

[x] +1 OK to release.

-Marshall Schor

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