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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Generics in 2.8.0 getAllIndexedFS
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2015 19:37:24 GMT
Burn reports a source incompatibility with the 2.8.0 signature for the
getAllIndexedFS.  This is a somewhat complex issue.  Here's what I've found so far:

1) We have 3 sets of versions of getAllIndexedFS - one in the plain CAS index
repo, one in the JCas version of the index repo, and one directly in the JCas
itself.  The signatures are not consistent.

2) https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/UIMA-4299 strongly suggests not
returning values of <? extends XXX>.  We opted in the plain CAS version to use
   <T extends FeatureStructure> FSIterator<T> getAllIndexedFS(...)
and in the JCas index version:
                                FSIterator<FeatureStructure> getAllIndexedFS(...),
and in the JCas itself:
   <T extends TOP>              FSIterator<T> getAllIndexedFS(Class<T> clazz)

3) At first I thought that it was quite possible that the getAllIndexedFS call
will produce an iterator which returns a mixture of subtypes of the specified
class, or instances of FeatureStructure, which are not a subtype of the
specified class, and would produce a ClassCastException when assigned to a
variable of the iterator type.  I thought that FeatureStructure will be produced
if there is no JCas cover class, but I think this is incorrect.
There are generators for each type that generate the corresponding Java class. 
As part of the JCas creation, the method instantiateJCas_Types is called and
will replace the generators with JCas versions.  If no JCas cover class can be
found for a particular type, the generator is still replaced with one for the
first JCas cover type found in the supertype chain.  Since TOP is a built-in
defined JCas type, even if no other types have JCas cover types, TOP will.

4) Current user code often has some JCas cover class as the top-most class of
some set of Java cover objects being returned.  These are currently failing for
some forms of getAllIndexedFS calls - the ones returning
FSIterator<FeatureStructure>  These should be changed (back) to returning either
<T Extends TOP> or just TOP.

5) I'd like to use the <T extends TOP> form, but would like other Java experts
to weigh in to see if that would cause issues...  To be precise, I'd like the
signature to look like:
   <T extends TOP>  FSIterator<T> getAllIndexedFS(...) for those calls that
don't specify the Java class in the argument.
The pros for this is that the coder can specify a subtype of TOP if they know
that will be returned.  The con for this is that the coder could make a mistake,
and a runtime class-cast exception could happen, if the item returned was not a

Other learned opinions politely solicited :-) .


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