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From Peter Klügl <peter.klu...@averbis.com>
Subject Re: opinion on degree of backwards compatibility for Uima V3 experiment
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 13:31:25 GMT
What does this mean?

ID -> FS is not possible in v3, or only with low level API?

Testing v3 and taking a closer look is still on my todo list, but I
found not the time yet.



Am 02.09.2016 um 15:18 schrieb Marshall Schor:
> In v3, there are fast lookups FS -> ID :
>    myFs._id()  // compiles to a fetch of a final int field in the FS object
> To go from an ID to an FS is not generally possible, because normally, the
> framework doesn't keep this association.  There are exceptions though, the main
> ones being:
> a) If you use low level CAS Apis to create FSs, the API returns the ID, which
> means, that a GC that happens right after the API returns would garbage collect
> the FS because at that point, nothing is "holding on" to any reference (it's not
> in any index).  To prevent this, the low level create FS methods add the FS to a
> map which goes from ID -> FS, and thus "holds onto" the FS, preventing Garbage
> collection.
> b) Another case where this happens is when PEARs are used; in this case the FSs
> involved with PEAR "trampoline" FSs end up being in similar maps.
> Both of these approaches of course disable a feature of V3 - namely, that
> unrefererenced FSs can be garbage collected.
> -Marshall
> On 9/2/2016 8:47 AM, Richard Eckart de Castilho wrote:
>> Fast lookups ID -> FS and FS -> ID would also be very much appreciated :)
>> Cheers,
>> -- Richard
>>> On 02.09.2016, at 14:17, Burn Lewis <burnlewis@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Could the id assigned in V3 be the same as the V2 address, as if the offset
>>> in a heap?  Unique and monotonically increasing.
>>> Burn
>>> On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 5:36 AM, Peter Klügl <peter.kluegl@averbis.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Same here.
>>>> It looks like that we are now also starting to use the address, and I am
>>>> also thinking of using it more in Ruta (internal indexing).
>>>> Btw, I did some simple experiments lately concerning the stability of
>>>> the addresses when using CasIOUtils. Can it happens that the addresses
>>>> change if you just deserialize the same CAs twice without serializing it
>>>> in between?

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