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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Java checker frameworks and Java 8
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 15:34:52 GMT
JSR 308 (added to Java 8) adds some new annotation capability for types; type
checking frameworks can make use of this to do more type checking of code.

I've only come across one or two such frameworks; one is a big project here
(partially under the GPL) http://types.cs.washington.edu/checker-framework; the
other is eclipse which seems to support just 3 annotations (

The checker framework looks pretty comprehensive, but if you include the
annotations in distributed JAR files, the license is GPL.  The build process can
be configured to **not** include the GPL things in the JARs.  Operating this way
would limit its use to internal development; users could not use our annotations
to check their use of UIMA methods. 

Possible partial exception: There's some fancy thing that Eclipse has for this
situation, allowing an external specification for annotations, separate from the
library jars, to be used (

Anyone have experience with these enhanced checking frameworks?  Are they worth
the trouble (vs. say using just findbugs)?


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