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From Peter Klügl <peter.klu...@averbis.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release UIMA Ruta 2.7.0 RC2
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2019 21:20:20 GMT

thank you for the extensive review :-)

Comments below...

Am 09.02.2019 um 00:49 schrieb Richard Eckart de Castilho:
> Trying to build with Java "11.0.1" 2018-10-16 LTS...
>   Result:   Fails when japicmp-maven-plugin is invoked
>   Severity: not a blocker
>   Comment:  Consider configuring the Maven enforcer plugin such that
>             it checks that a Java 8 is being used to compile - or -
>             fix the build by copying the required configurations from
>             the UIMA core framework build. Dependency on Java 8 not
>             mentioned in the README file in the "Building from the
>             Source Distribution" section

Yes, nothing happended yet towards Java 11.

> Trying to build with Java "1.8.0_181"...
>   Result:   Build successful
> Downloaded source ZIP
> Built ruta-maven-example
>   Result:   Build successful
> Built ruta-ep-example-extensions
>   Result:   Build successful
> Check ruta-tutorial-GermanNovels "examples" project 
>   Result:   contains only latex source code
>   Severity: not a blocker
>   Comment:  It would be more useful if a pre-compile PDF would 
>             be included in the repo, e.g. in the "GermanNovels" examples
>             folder. Having the latex sources under the examples folder seems odd.

I wonder if this tutorial caused more problems than it helped. I am
really thinking about removing it...

It does not present current best practices.

> Checking DEPENDENCIES file
>   Result:   No issue found
> Checking README file
>   Result:   ok
>   Comment:  The README file mentions the uimaFIT JCasGenPomFriendly
>             which doesn't exist anymore since quite some time.
>             Empty line missing before "mvn clean install"

Yep, I'll remove that.

> Checking ruta-2.7.0-source-release.zip.sha512
>   Result:   ok
> Spot checking code changes
>   Result:   ok
>   Comment:  Many catch blocks could be consolidated using Java 8 multi-catches.
>             Ample opportunities for cleaner code up using lambdas.

Oh yes.

>             The language syntax documentation says e.g. `("<-" "{" SimpleStatement+
>             but shouldn't that be a `+` in the end (i.e. 1-or-more)?

This is the gammar rule for inlined rules as condition, right? The star
quantifier is correct, the inlined rule block is optional.

>             Some unit test methods declare excessive lists of thrown exceptions. This
>             can be simplified by just declaring `throws Exception` on the unit test
>             method. Doing so on @Test methods is not harmful or bad style.

I did a small refactoring with the effect that I added another
exception. I was actually thinking about replacing them, but I was just
too lazy.

I normally try to improve the code when I touch it. Maybe I will find
some time to improve it overall and use some more up to date Java stuff.

> Installed Ruta from update site into a freshly downloaded Eclipse
>   Result:   ok
>   Comment:  needed to install UIMA Eclipse plugins first

This is only due to the RC update site which does not contain the other
UIMA bundles.

> Imported example projects into Eclipse
>   Result:   errors
>   Comment:  I pointed "Import -> Existing Projects" at the examples folder
>             contained in the source ZIP. Several projects are imported.
>             The "Extensions Example" and "GermanNovels" projects have errors.
>             "GermanNovels" is a Maven project, but is not imported as such.
>             Even when importing it via "Import -> Existing Maven Projects", 
>             it has errors.
>             The "ruta-maven-example" fails (I run Eclipse on Java 11):
> Execution descriptors of goal org.apache.uima:ruta-maven-plugin:2.7.0:generate failed:
Failed to read candidate component class: URL [jar:file:/Users/bluefire/.m2/repository/org/apache/uima/ruta-core/2.7.0/ruta-core-2.7.0.jar!/org/apache/uima/ruta/resource/XMLEventHandler.class];
nested exception is org.springframework.core.NestedIOException: ASM ClassReader failed to
parse class file - probably due to a new Java class file version that isn't supported yet:
class path resource [org/xml/sax/helpers/DefaultHandler.class]; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
>             It seems as if an old version of ASM is used to analyze classes from the
Java 11 JDK (which ASM does not understand yet).

(builds with Java 8)

>             The "ruta-example-german-novels" fails with:
>             error: Feature "language" is not defined for type "de.tudarmstadt.ukp.dkpro.core.api.segmentation.type.Document".
>             I guess that should be "de.tudarmstadt.ukp.dkpro.core.api.metadata.type.DocumentMetaData"?

This example project is broken:

The error could be a false postive (bug in the editor, could work
anyway). It should actually be resolved to DocumentAnnotation.

>             The "ExtensionsExample" fails with several messages:
>             - error: Action "ExampleAction" is not defined.
>             - error: Condition "" is not defined.
>             - Mismatched Input:  : }
>             - Mismatched Input: Expecting "SEMI" but found "{".
>             - Type "REVERSE " not defined in this script/block!

This is normal behavior since you most likely did not install the IDE
extensions Eclipse plugins for these language elements. This project
just provides a test case, if someone wants to test a different project
(ruta-ep-example-extensions). Marshall had the same problem several
reviews ago IIRC.

> I think it would be a good idea to update the examples and ensure they work?

In my opinion, the example projects are not intended to be ready to use
projects but rather examples in a documentary way how one could do
something in that direction, e.g. set up a maven build for a ruta
project. Ignoring the German Novels example due to the open ticket for
it, it comes down to the build problems with Java 11.

It would be ok for me to release rc2 and mention the build problems in
the announce mail. I already created a ticket for it, and the user on
Stackoverfow was also able to resolve his/her ASM problem.

What do you think?



> Cheers,
> -- Richard
Dr. Peter Klügl
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