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From Peter Klügl <peter.klu...@averbis.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release UIMA Ruta 2.7.0 RC2
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2019 09:49:23 GMT

the second release candidate of Apache UIMA Ruta v2.7.0 is ready for voting.
This minor release is not compatible with UIMA v3

Changes RC1 -> RC2
* added more examples in documentation for new features
* refactored XML parsing
* avoided several warnings in build process
* fixed language in jira-report

Major changes in this release:

UIMA Ruta Language and Analysis Engine:
* New language feature: label expressions at actions for directly
assigning/reusing newly created annotations. Example: Document{-> a:T1,
CREATE(T2, "ref" = a)};
* New language feature: new type of rule element for completely optional
match which does not require an existing annotation and therefore also
works at the boundary of a window/document. Example: NUM _{-PARTOF(CW)};
* Type lists can be used as matching condition.
* Initial default value of string and annotations variables is now null.
* Comparison of annotation and annotation list are now supported.
* New configuration parameter 'inferenceVisitors'.
* New configuration parameter 'maxRuleMatches'.
* New configuration parameter 'maxRuleElementMatches'.
* New configuration parameter 'rulesScriptName'.
* Inlined rules as condition are only evaluated if the rule element
match was successful.
* Multiple inlined rule blocks are allowed at one rule element.
* String features with allowed values are supported.
* PlainTextAnnotator supports vertical tabs.
* Various improvements for WORDTABLE.
* Thrown exceptions include script name.
* Fixed values of label for failed matches.
* Fixed inlined rules as condition at wildcards.
* Fixed resetting of annotation-based variables.
* Fixed various bugs of wildcards.
* Fixed CONTAINS condition for annotations overlapping the window.
* Fixed COUNT condition.
* Fixed setting variables by configuration parameter.

UIMA Ruta Workbench:
* Query View support more CAS formats.
* Fixed order of scripts in Applied Rules view.
* Fixed reporting of non-existing problems in editor.

Staging repository:

SVN tag:

Update site:

Archive with all sources:

Overall 44 issues have been fixed for this release (3 with other resolution)
They can be found in the RELEASE_NOTES.html.

... and here:


Please vote on release:

[ ] +1 OK to release
[ ]  0 Don't care
[ ] -1 Not OK to release, because ...



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